Build-to-Rent Development Driven by Demand

Bridger Development is a vertically integrated real estate development and investment firm, with offices in Dallas, TX and Fort Smith, AR. We focus on purpose built single family and low density multifamily rental communities that combine a single-family neighborhood lifestyle with high end amenities and experienced property management.

Why BTR?

Development Strategy

Our wide array of product types blends the comfort of your own home and the welcoming feel of a master planned community with the flexibility and ease of maintenance-free living and premium amenities.

Vertical Integration

Land entitlement/zoning, construction management, asset management and property management.


Units offer pull up garages, fenced backyards, and often no adjoining walls to neighbors.


Top school districts in each submarket, coupled with active amenities such as walking trails, fitness facilities, clubhouse, pool, sport courts.


Targeting markets with little to no build-to-rent product, sustained growth, and high-income metrics.

The Numbers

The sustained growth trajectory of low density rental communities is expected to outpace most all other asset classes long-term.


New Lease Rent Growth


Average Rent Premium Over Multifamily


Average Occupancy Rate

White brick, modern home

The Bridger Platform

Our Process

Bridger's vertically integrated platform is a comprehensive, start-to-finish pipeline which includes sourcing, development, construction, and property management.


With 30+ years of experience, access to proprietary information through market intelligence via our property management partner, and long-standing relationships with the top land brokers in the markets we develop in, we stand out.


Proven track record of rezones, land acquisitions, and finance procurement, and relationships with the local municipalities provides a competitive edge through insight into their local objectives and initiatives.


Having 20+ years of home building experience, we use proprietary home designs across multiple layouts and sizes to reduce construction time and costs.

Property Management

Real Property Management First Choice (RPM) oversees all pre-construction and lease-up operations to limit development risk, and provide exceptional services to their tenants.

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Sector Focus

Why Build-to-Rent?

Demand Exceeds Supply

According to NMHC, single family rental supply deficit is projected to increase by an average of 133,000 units/year for the next 5 years. The Urban Land Institute ranks the BTR sector #1 in both investment and development prospects.

Preference to Rent Over Buy

Over 50% of all new households are projected to rent rather than buy. Millennials are prompting the preference therefore leading to sustained demand long term.

Less Turnover

Tenants tend to renew their leases 3 times before moving out, 2x longer than multifamily renters. Families move much less frequently – especially when their home grants them access to the top school district in the area.

Construction worker on scaffold
Target Markets

Where Bridger Invests

We specialize in secondary markets in the Midwest and Southern US that have exceptional job growth and income metrics.


We target markets that have little to no purpose-built low density multifamily, and seek to deliver an industry leading, differentiated product in markets lacking newly built amenitized communities.

Local Investment Expertise

We recognizes the value of hands-on supervision, developing sites within a 250 mile radius of an office. The Bridger team has 30+ years of market experience in the markets we develop, own, and operate in and our property management partner provides proprietary insights into the market’s demographics.

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Investment Criteria

Bridger Development selects its project sites based on fundamental site criteria, local market knowledge, and access to municipal relationships.

Path of Progress

Locations in the Midwest with high income metrics, steady job growth and access to top school districts, as well as heavy daily traffic numbers, main thoroughfairs, high conviction retailers, services, and other growing neighborhoods.

Growing Rents and Incomes

Sites selected in areas experiencing wage and outsized rent growth due to inbound migration and/or lack of adequate rental supply.


Target tenants with moderate-to-high incomes who choose to rent for flexibility, work proximity and value premium amenities in a community setting.


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